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If you need technical instructions, you can find them in our Knowledge Base or you can contact our partners.

If you are paid customer, technical support can be requested through a dedicated form in your customer area (https://myaccount.glpi-network.cloud/)

How to migrate my existing GLPI to GLPI Network Cloud?

Our automatic import tool is under development. Meanwhile we can import your archive manually (database and “files” of GLPI). After selecting your option, do not hesitate to contact us from your customer´s account.
Please note that your specific adds-on (patches) and plugins which are not covered by the selected option will not be imported.

Can I add a plugin which is not included to your offers?

For the moment it is not possible to add plugins not included to our offer. We can still study your request if the plugin is developed by one of our official partners. Do not hesitate to contact us from your customer´s account.

Is GLPI Network Cloud GDPR compliant?

You will find all the information regarding our privacy policy clicking this link.

How to close my GLPI-Network.cloud account?

You can close your account any time. To do this, please, go to your client´s account (https://myaccount.glpi-network.cloud) then choose the menu “My account”, then click the link “Delete my account” and follow the instructions. 

Please, keep in mind that your data will be destroyed!

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How to become our reseller partner?

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