GLPI Network Private Cloud

Price and availability


* Public Cloud trial 45 days period, Private architecture installation upon receipt of the order;

* Available from a minimum of 25 “Standard interface” users: € 21 / month / “Standard interface” user;

* What means “Standard interface” (active link)

* If you have less than 25 users, your bill will still be for 25 users.


Services included



* All the services of the Public Cloud offer, plus:

* A VPN tunnel (Linux Strongswan IPSEC compatible) between a GLPI Network Private Cloud instance is only possible if the GLPI instance contacts servers located on the client’s internal network (LDAPs / SMTPs / Connection with an application from the IS internal, etc);

* A read-only connection to the MySQL database of the dedicated instance (either only via VPN, or by public IP filtering of the client);

* Filtering of IPs that can access the instance.



Architecture (dedicated) – located in France : Roubaix, Gravelines, Strasbourg ou Paris



* OVHCloud : 1 main server (Apache + MySQL)  ;

* OVHCloud : 1 faillover server (Apache + MySQL)  ;

* Scaleway France : copy / archive backups ;

* These servers are dedicated to the client, another server can be added if pre-production separation is needed.






* Annual availability rate: 99%;

* Recovery Point Objective (maximum data loss allowed): 1 hour;

* Recovery Time Objective (recovery time in case of loss): 8 hours.




Technical characteristics




* Limited disk space (storage of GLPI instance): 50GB (additional disks optional);

* Attachment upload size: 20MB;

* System resources (CPU / RAM): dedicated;

* Number of equipment pick-ups with an inventory agent: unlimited;

* Execution of automatic GLPI actions in “CLI” mode: every minute.




* Same features as the Public offer.


User authentication / synchronization


* Same characteristics as the Public offer, with the possibility of authentication on LDAP Directory in the customer’s LAN (via StrongSwan Linux-compatible IPSEC VPN tunnel).


Backup policy


* Full database backups: once a day;

* Incremental database backups: every hour;

* File backups (GLPI attachments): every hour;

* Conservation archiving of backups (on another DataCenter): 30-day rotation;

* Paid option: send backup to a client server (via SSH / SFTP / RSYNC / LSYNC);

* The backups are carried out with our own tools, then are also backedup with the paid services of our hosting providers.


+ GLPI Production + GLPI Pre-Production

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